Graffiti rite.

To perform the graffiti ritual, you must guess the moment of the birth of the moon. It is best to do this on the night of the last spring or first summer new moon. Seven days before the appointed night, you are strictly forbidden to touch your nails and hair - do not cut them, do not wash or clean them. On the night of the birth of a new moon, wash your hair with water, which you prepare in advance in the morning of the same day. Do not use soap. Wash cans of paint with this water. Cut your nails starting from the little finger of your right hand in such an order that the little finger of your left is the last one, do not touch it. Collect your nails carefully, arrange them on a small mirror, wrap everything in a scarf, and put it in your bosom to your heart.

You will need to find a place within the city with a virgin white wall for the ceremony. Approaching the wall, pull out the handkerchief with a mirror, unfold and turn four times opposite the clockwise axis, throw one fingernail away from you and say: "Against fear, against buff, against the cop, against the gop, against the evil eye, against the tale, having protected the lord at once!"

Take the spray can in your left hand, and in the right mirror, stand with your back to the wall. Do not look directly at the wall; paint with your left hand while looking in the mirror over your shoulder. When the painting is finished, leave without looking. You can only return when the sun throws its first ray on the earth. If the drawing remains, then the graffiti rite is completed, and the ruler will patronize you until spirits, and ordinary people seal the piece.