Perform in September 2019.

Necessarily in dry weather (without snow and rain) - I would like you to continue your life activity after this action.

Stay alone (at least in your room). Make a sketch according to further instructions and the photograph of the place (also indicated below).

Leave the house by bike (alone, without passengers), tying or glueing sticks to the bike frame. Put the rest of your belongings in a backpack or a bag on your shoulder so as not to interfere with climbing the fire escape.

Climb onto the roof at Moscow, 1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya St., 27. (also alone and without familiar witnesses who remain below).

You must take with you:

1. Sticks with a total length (after tying) about 5 meters or buy a new very long telescopic stick.

2. Two rollers, preferably medium or large, for increased speed.

3. Scotch tape and sketch.

4. Black paint for pouring. At least 2 litres. It is recommended to buy black colour-paste for 210 rubles at Leroy Merlin. Diluted with water in half - do it at home.

5. White paint for the outline. Leroy Merlin paint is suitable for facades, and a 2.5-litre bucket is enough.

Start with black fill and the letter O.

The letter O should bend to the right and touch the top of the "triple halo" made of stucco. At the bottom, the letter with its sides touches both the white stripe and the roof; the letter has an elongated shape. There is a hole inside, the shape of the hole follows the outer shape of the letter.

At one point, the letters O and K touch each other with a white outline.

The letter K also leans to the right, but less than O. The main post is wide, from above it rests against a white polygon made of stucco. At an angle of 90 degrees to the vertical of the building, the "hand" of the letter K emerges from the main post and touches the second "triple halo". A thicker "leg" goes down from their junction with a rounded bend in its middle - the first conditioner also needs to be painted entirely on both sides. The foot touches the roof.

Outline with white, also starting with O.

Now you can commit the act of urinating on a plastic roof, facing Tverskaya Street and passing cars.

Take a picture of the piece.

Check that everything is quiet from below and go down.

You can climb on the roof above or go to the right - and wait in case of a concern.

Take a picture from below and in the light of day from the opposite side of Tverskaya.

Everything is OK!